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Shalom and Welcome to KFPC Living Hope!

We are a humble ministry made of broken, tired, and weary people. Many of us have come to know God through the hardships of life brought upon by our own sinful desires and living in an unforgiving world. But by His grace, we have been able to see His purposes in our sufferings and the greater purposes of our life in the sufferings and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We live to serve Him and to minister to all who would walk with us. If life is burdensome, come join us and rest with the Savior. If you already share the same hope in Christ, journey with us as we witness God's unrelenting grace. We are not a people without hope, but we have Christ—our Living Hope (1 Peter 1:3).

Embraced In His Grace,
Pastor Young Choi

What Is Living Hope

KFPC Living Hope lives to hold out the gospel of grace to all people by sharing the good news in word and action and to mature together with followers of Christ to love and please our Lord.

We value:

Sunday Worship
Keeping the Sabbath is a declaration to ourselves and to the world that Christ is Lord over all. We gather to rest from the harshness of the world, to be encouraged by the preaching of the Word, to be in the company of brothers and sisters, and to remind ourselves that the world and its demands will not have dominion over us.

Christian Education
Hope Academy is the education arm of KFPC Living Hope. We seek to equip hearts and minds to grow in their understanding and love for God's Word, God's people, and God's purposes. We offer a range of classes including, Foundations of Faith, Ephesians Manuscript Study, Apologetics, Old Testament Introduction, Introduction to Theology, and Biblical Counseling.

Christian Counseling
Sin has wreaked havoc in the world and in our hearts. We often need a place to rest and process the mess in our lives. If you are willing to share all, we are willing to walk with you and apply the truths of the gospel in love. Let's stop settling for mediocrity and let's live as God intended!

Small Groups
We value our midweek small groups where our primary focus is 'doing church' by sharing and praying for one another.

Missions/Mercy Ministries
God has called us to help the weak and to proclaim the gospel. Our ministry continues to seek varying ways to further the kingdom of God with both practical acts of love and winsome proclamation of the good news.

Living Hope Staff

Young Choi
Rev. Young Kyu Choi
Lead Pastor

Andy Kim
Mr. Andy Kim
EM Praise Leader

Adam Oh
Mr. Adam Oh
Youth Director

Living Hope Ministries is the English Ministry (EM) of Korean First Presbyterian Church. KFPC is part of the PCA organization. The head pastor of KFPC is Reverend Sam Jung Suh, who has faithfully devoted over 30 years of service to KFPC—ever since the birth of the church. The Korean Ministry (KM) website is here.

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Unless otherwise noted, Living Hope Ministries meets in KFPC's Vision Center.

College & Adult (EM)

Ministry Schedule:

10:15am - 11:15am Worship
11:25am - 12:15pm Hope Academy

Small Group Ministries
Please ask for details

Middle & High School (Youth)

REACH Youth Group

Ministry Schedule:

11:15am - 12:15pm Worship
12:45pm - 1:45pm Bible Study

Saturday Youth Fellowship (SYF)
6pm - 8pm (Please ask for details)

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to build firm foundations of faith within teens through teaching, praying, and having fellowship.

Vision Statement
Our Vision is to be a group that worships the Trinitarian God through three aspects of their spiritual lives: Up-Reach, In-Reach, Outreach. Up-Reach to God through Sunday worship services, bible study, Saturday Youth Fellowships, and personal devotions. In-Reach within ourselves through devotions and personal reflecting. Outreach by serving the community through missions, events, and evangelism.


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Welcome to Living Hope Ministries!

Living Hope Ministries serve the youth and EM of Korean First Presbyterian Church, Atlanta. We seek to share the gospel of Christ by serving both the 2nd generation children of immigrant parents and the multiethnic peoples of Atlanta.